Opening Hours

Monday - Thursday: 

4:00PM - 9:00PM


5:00PM - 10:00PM

Saturday - Sunday: 

1:00PM - 7:00PM


Open Gym Hours

Parkour Open Gym - Kids

Monday / Tuesday  4-5:30PM

Wednesday  4:30-6PM

Thursday  6:30-8PM

Friday  7:30-9PM

Saturday / Sunday  2-7PM

Parkour Open Gym - Teens

Monday / Tuesday / Thursday  7:30-9PM

Wednesday  6-7:30PM

Friday  5-6:30PM

Saturday / Sunday  2-7PM

Parkour Open Gym - Adults 

Monday / 5:30-7PM

Tuesday / Wednesday  7:30-9PM

Thursday  4-5:30PM

Friday  8:30-10PM

Saturday / Sunday  2-7PM

Ninja Warrior Open Gym - Kids & Teens

Monday  4-5PM / 6-9PM

Tuesday  5:15-9PM

Wednesday  4-6:30PM / 7:30-9PM

Thursday  4-6PM / 7-9PM

Friday  5-6:45PM / 7:45-10PM

Saturday / Sunday  2-7PM

Ninja Warrior Open Gym - Adults

Monday  4-6PM / 7-9PM

Tuesday / Wednesday  4-9PM

Thursday  4-7PM / 8-9PM

Friday  5-8PM / 9-10PM

Saturday / Sunday  2-7PM



Conquer the temple walls.

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Ninja Warrior

Two tiers of trials. Do you dare?

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Rock Climbing

Our legendary 30 ft rock wall.

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Obstacle course racing for adults and kids!

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