Our story

It begins with our two founding warriors, Brian and Vito... after traditional training in Sports Medicine and nutrition and years successfully owning a fitness gym they conquered the world of ultimate sporting with Warrior Gyms.

Warrior Gyms Team Profiles Brian


Traditionally trained in Sports Medicine, Brian is an American Ninja Warrior veteran and featured on the hit NBC television show during Season 7. Brian and Vito also own Evolution Fitness Now.



Entrepreneur, Vito also owns and runs Vito's Organic Stuff. He is an expert in nutrition, as well as corporate health and wellness.

Warrior Gyms Team Profiles Jim


Sport Event Coordinator Jim Hayden is always involved in sports and is always looking for a new athletic challenge. He played multpiple sports growing up including playing soccer in Europe when he was a teenager. He attended Rowan University and received his degree in Health and Exercise Science with a teaching certification. Jim is currently in school to be a Nutritional Therapist. Jim and his wife, Laura love to travel and are trying to visit every National Park in the United States.

Warrior Gyms Team Profiles Tanya


General Manager and Ninja Warrior Coach Tanya O'Donohue, also known as NinjaTO competed on American Ninja Warrior Season 9 in Denver, Colorado. As a rookie, Tanya made it to finals and in the top five women overall. She has a background in gymnastics, climbing, skateboarding, pole vaulting (track/field), dance, slacklining, cliff jumping, parkour, freerunning, surfing and more. Tanya is an avid adventurer and loves to inspire others to live a fun and healthy lifestyle!

Warrior Gyms Team Profiles Mitch


Parkour Coach Mitch is 18 years old and has been training parkour for 5 years and has been sharing his knowledge with others for 2 years now. He constantly seeks to travel and interact with the worldwide parkour community though teaching or training with new people. He strives to be the best version of himself by conquering fear, helping others, and constantly learning new things.

Warrior Gyms Team Profiles Nate


Parkour Coach and Wushu Warrior Coach Is a practitioner and coach with years of experience in parkour and martial arts. Nate has literally traveled around the world to do what he loves to do most. His goal is to become the best he can by helping others around him to be the same. Fun Fact: Nate has trained with some of the founders of parkour and won international kung fu competitions in China.

Warrior Gyms Team Profiles Cj


Supervisor CJ Bon is a teacher in Cherry Hill. She loves competition, including swimming, water polo, and track and field. CJ has competed in the last four Goliathon events. She began at Evolution Fitness taking the Warrior Quest classes, and cannot wait to work and train at Warrior Gyms.

Warrior Gyms Team Profiles Anthony


Wushu Warrior Coach Anthony is an international Gold medalist in Wushu’s Long Fist (Chang Quan), and Short Weapons (Jianshu). He started martial arts at the age of 7. He is currently under the teaching of Master Li Pei Yun. Currently in college for Ph.D in Physical Therapy.

Warrior Gyms Team Profiles Erik


Ninja Warrior Coach Erik Grover has been rock climbing for 8 years and instructing it for 4 years. Climbing lead him into the world of Ninja Warrior which he has been doing for 3 years, where he was a course tester for the show American Ninja Warrior in 2015 and 2016. Coming from an extensive sports background, Ninja Coach Erik will help you become a next level warrior!



Conquer the temple walls.

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Ninja Warrior

Two tiers of trials. Do you dare?

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Rock Climbing

Our legendary 30 ft rock wall.

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Obstacle course racing for adults and kids!

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  • Definitely one of the most creative and inspiring ninja training facilities I’ve ever seen. Warrior Gyms one of a kind 2 story ninja jungle will challenge any level of ninja.

    Isaac Caldiero

    American Ninja Warrior Champion

  • "Warrior Gyms course made me a better ninja!"

    Clint Sarion, The Smiling Ninja

    American Ninja Warrior Contestant

  • We're excited to open our gym with the support of Warrior legends like Isaac Caldiero, Michael Torres, Rachael Goldstein, The Smiling Ninja (Clint Sarion) among others.

    Brian Kane

    Co-founder of Warrior Gyms

  • "Our new gym is the first space where thrill seekers can perfect parkour, ninja warrior, rock climbing and obstacle course racing for fun, fitness or to train for events."

    Vito Lasprugato

    Co-founder of Warrior Gyms